The Importance of SEO

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So you’ve just started your own business and you’re hoping to get some clients via the world wide web, or maybe you’ve been a round for a while and you’ve decided it’s time to bring your company into the twenty-first century. Surely simply having a website is enough, right? Wrong.

With over 1.5 billion websites on the web today and less than 6% of searches making it to the second page of Google, finding your business on the internet can be a bit like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tool that enables you to increase the quality and quantity of web traffic that reaches your site.

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What does this mean? Let’s say you’re a bakery, you want to ensure that you’re showing up on the first page of Google when someone searches “bakery”. Using SEO, you can make sure that your website is the first one that people see, when checking out where to buy their bagels or looking for the freshest bread in town.

How’s it done? There are multiple ways to optimize a site and increase its rating on Google, from targeting specific key word searches to making sure that your site is updated regularly.

Sound too complicated? Don’t have the time to consistently update your site’s content? That’s where we come in.
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Running a business in 2018

It’s 2018! The era of influencers and the “internet famous” is here. Technology that seemed like the dreams of Hollywood directors and comic book writers have become a reality; science fiction has started to look more and more like facts. AI’s like Siri (iPhone) and Bixby (Samsung) will soon do more than just schedule meetings and search the internet for us and social media continues to change the way people interact with one another… We live in promising times.

Launching and running a new business has never been easier. All you need is your Smartphone, a good idea and a connection to the internet and you’d have a viable business on your hands.

Let’s take a brief look at 3 platforms on which you can launch your business from in 2018:


With over 2.2 billion monthly active users and over 1.32 billion daily active users, Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform to date.

This means that with the average user accessing Facebook eight times per day, you have billions of opportunities to reach your target market daily and with new tools like ‘Market Place’ selling your product on Facebook is just a click away.


What started off as a fun way of sharing moments with loved ones, has evolved into a platform on which one can not only establish, but even run a company.

Ever wish that you could email a public figure, but didn’t know how to reach them? Use Direct Messaging (DM’s) to connect directly with anyone that uses the platform or tag them in your photos to grab their interest.

Whether you choose to use it as your online portfolio, a tool to advertise or even if you choose to run your business from this platform, Instagram is a must have.


Twitter is known as a “micro-blogging” service, but with 336 million monthly users, there’s nothing ‘micro’ about it.

Similar to Instagram’s DM’s*, you can “tweet” anyone who uses Twitter or tag them in a post, which will notify them of your pending communication. With Twitter becoming known as business peoples’ preferred social media platform, it’s the perfect way to reach out to high rollers.

These are just a few of the (obvious) reasons as to why Social Media is an essential and intricate part of running a business, in the modern world. Business growth, networking & numbers will soon be influenced and determined by your online presence. Don’t get left behind… Let Bird & Bear help you move forward!